A. l. S., from Brussels (Belgium)

ANOTHER SUCCESS STORY: I am particularly satisfied with the quick and effective service of this lawyers’ firm. They gave me feedback at every step of the action brought against an airline company. Every email I sent the lawyers’ firm deserved their careful feedback to let me know about the course of the action. The air-carrier had indeed delayed an intra-EU flight more than 3 hours, without giving us any reasonable explanation during our long-lasting waiting time in front of the embarking gate in Brussels. The airline company did not even offer us a glass of water under those unfortunate circumstances. I was particularly annoyed by such an attitude lacking respect towards the customer. But this lawyers’ firm effectively settled the dispute in less than two weeks (!) so that the air carrier asked us to terminate the action in consideration of their payment of an agreed amount of compensation at the top of my lawyer’s fees. This lawyers’ firm offers a multilingual legal service in different languages.
They are serious, reliable and customer-oriented.